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NuMe CBT offers wellbeing consultancy for business leaders and staff, to better understand the negative impact of poor mental health on both staff wellbeing and business goals.

We also deliver individual therapy for common mental health problems, using Cognitive Behavioural techniques by accredited therapists.

Wellbeing Consultancy

Experiential group, or 1-2-1 consultancy to improve mental health awareness and help managers support their staff.


Evidence informed, time-limited and goal directed cognitive behavioural therapy on a 1-2-1 basis.


We offer business based wellbeing consultancy, which includes modular half and full day training for managers looking to better support their staff.  There are a number of modules to choose from, which broadly cover general mental health awareness, spotting poor mental health, tackling stigma and communicating compassionately.

The groups are designed to be intimate and experiential; giving you the opportunity to learn about what mental health problems are, look like, and how to support people who may be experiencing them.

If the needs of your staff or your business are unique in some way, we are happy to discuss the design and construction of bespoke modules.

WHY wellbeing at work?

Sickness absence due to mental health and presenteeism is calculated as costing between £33 to £42 billion per year to UK business and £74 to £99 billion to the economy as a whole according to Thriving at Work review by Stevenson and Farmer 2018. 


Money and mental health

There has been a growing body of evidence to suggest that investment in employee mental health yields significant return, through reducing sickness absence, staff turnover and reduction of presenteeism.

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