Below are some peer reviewed articles as well as comissioned reports which explore the nature of the wellbeing crisis and its cost, both to employees and employers within the UK and abroad. There is a clear consensus between all of the documents, stressing the need for better mental health awareness and support within work to reduce cost; not only in terms of the bottom line, but also of individual wellbeing.  The message is clear, looking after the wellbeing of staff is a mutually beneficial endeavour. 

Mental health promotion and mental illness prevention: The economic case

A 2011 article published by the Department of Health highlights that investment in workplace wellbeing provides a significant return on investment. For each one £1 you invest, you save £2 pounds through reduction in absenteeism and presenteeism.

Employee Assistance Program Treatment Impact on Presnteeism and Absenteeism: ROI

A research article published in 2008 which explores how presenteeism was associated with 80% of the costs related to low productivty that suggested a ROI of ~ $5.17 & $6.47 for each $1 invested in workplace wellbeing.

Thriving at Work: The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers

A 2017 review which explores the impact and scope of mental health problems on business and productivity within the UK, exploring the overall cost to employers, impact on economy and personal cost.

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