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Mental health problems are being recognised by government and private business alike as being a major cause lost productivity within the UK.  

There is a liklihood that one sixth of your workforce are suffering from a common mental health problem, including anxiety, depression and others.

As a consequence the estimate is that one fifth of sickness absence days are the result of mental health related issues.

Those who do not take sickness absence can cause further financial loss through presenteeism or staff turnover.

Sickness Absence

Reducing sickness absence through better understanding and management of mental health problems.

Supporting Staff

Supporting staff stay well before they require further intervention for their mental health services.

Presenteeism Awareness

Identifying and supporting staff who may be underperforming through mental health related presenteeism.

Leadership Modules

Below are our six pre-developed modules intended to be delivered to those in a leadership position.  Each module is experiential, meaning that it is most effective when delivered to up to nine participants who are happy to be actively involved in the learning and are comfortable discussing mental health in a professional context with colleagues. Each module will take around a half day to deliver, including comfort break and also includes printed supplementary material to take away.  It is possible to comission the delivery up to three modules in a standard eight hour working day, which will include lunch and two comfort breaks. 

Mental Health Awareness

Informational module which covers the impact and frequency of mental health problems within the workplace as well as how to spot this in your staff.

Supporting Staff

Evidence informed techniques to support staff who you identify may be struggling, including case studies and awareness to signpost to local mental health services. 

Compassionate Communication

Learning ways to approach and communicate with staff when a concern has been identified, in a compassionate, non-judgemental manner. Opportunity to practice these skills with colleagues and under guidance from the trainer.


Delivery of an experiential mindful meditation practice group by an experienced mindfulness practitioner..

Thriving at work

Exploration of the latest guidance and information available to support managers in helping their staff thrive at work.

Suicide Awareness

Sensitively delivered information and guidance on helping management assess the basics of risk identification and management in relation to suicide and self harm.

Staff wellbeing modules

We also offer training to staff to help them become aware of their own mood, the things that affect it, what common vicious cycles we may find ourselves in and how to break free from them.  This course is designed to be delivered to up to fifteen participants who are not actively struggling with their mental health. The modules are designed to be delivered together over one day.

The purpose is to raise awareness and support people before they become unwell at work, using evidence informed techniques that can be practiced alone.  

Understanding Your Wellbeing

An experiential course designed to support staff in understanding their own mental health, stress, wellbeing.  This includes exploring case studies together as well as CBT techniques to understand why we sometimes struggle with our mood at work. 

Managing your wellbeing

An introduction and guide to using tested CBT techniques to manage your stress and mood, including ways to manage our thoughts, balancing our life and overcoming anxiety.


If you feel that the modular courses offered here do not meet the idiosyncratic needs for your particular business, we are open to developing and delivering training package for your leadership or staff.  This will involve an initial free telephone consult to explore what makes you, your business and staff unique. We can then collaborate on what mental health related training may be most beneficial for your business.  

Ultimately you are the experts in your field and hold an awareness of the particular challenges of working in it.  If we feel we can effectively support the problems  you face, we will negotiate a fixed rate for design and delivery of the training. This can be done in consultation with your current training department and for a further fee you can hold exclusive rights to the bespoke materials after it has been delivered.


If you have any questions that have not been answered on this page, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the form below. We aim to respond to all queries within twenty four hours. 

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